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I haven’t been remembering my dreams too well lately but I remember a part of last nights dream.
I was at a pond with beautiful clear water. There were purple flowers all around. Possibly lilacs, maybe even lavender. All I remember is that they were fragrant, as well as purple. I’m not sure who else accompanied me to this pond but I’m certain My sister and my two cousins were there too. They all jumped into the pond and I followed. Upon resurfacing, I realized there were hundreds, if not thousands, of dead honey bees in the water. They came up and down as we swam, and my heart broke because honey bees don’t deserve to die. I couldn’t help wondering if the gorgeous pond was dangerous. I also remember there being a huge shaggy dog in my dream at some point but the details are blurred at that point.

-September 17, 2014-



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Portraits done by Mickael de Poissy .
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At Hand in Glove .
Paris , FRANCE

can we do something big like this in thailand next year?

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